A Serious Talk on Health


What is health?

Health is one of the fixations of our current culture! But also one of the major leitmotifs that have prompted various civilizations throughout history to worry about it.

Well yes, friends, health is an obsession. Why am I saying this? Do I want you to stop worrying about it and spend your life drinking and “smoking like Turks” in an existential and continuous bohemian Pindaric flight worthy of Dorian Gray? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I’m telling you this because I want you to let go of your health obsession, start taking CARE of yourself instead and live happily ever after.

In this article, I want to talk to you about the holistic lifestyle and what in my opinion is the most comprehensive, scientific, and complete “holistic method of treatment”, let’s talk about the science of “Mineral Balancing”, invented by Dr. Paul Eck and practiced today by many operators, students of his students.

But, as you will learn, I am a pedantic and Carthusian type and therefore I want to first prolong myself in a historical-philosophical excursus on health. It won’t be long, I promise you, and even if it seems abstract, believe me, you will need it.

Obviously, if you don’t feel like reading the introduction, scroll down the page and get to the point!


You have decided to read the introduction: I recognize it, you do have courage!

So, let’s proceed step by step.

Is health an obsession of modern times? I would say no.

Of course, ancient civilizations were much more in harmony with the environment than us. But to what extent? Here I present my theory. Obviously, a disclaimer: I am not a historian, I am not an anthropologist or a sociologist. I delight in reading history and anthropology, but it can be said that mine is a more philosophical theory.

My theory is that the moment we abandoned the “tribe” lifestyle, rightly or wrongly, we stopped living in harmony with the world around us.

The more we have built “big villages”, and then cities, and then nations, the more our species has adopted a lifestyle far removed from the rhythms of nature and from the connection with it.

The state of nature slowly became a state in which Man is prey to necessity, and that’s it. Only the necessities.

Harmony, the “pax deorum”, as the Romans said (ie “peace among the gods”) is not considered in the equation. The state of nature is only Homo Homini Lupus, as Hobbes said.

This began to happen already in ancient times. The medieval Carmina Burana gives us a clue, for example.

In the famous song “O Fortuna”, where “Fortuna” means “fate”, we find an eloquent verse: “Status Malus, Vana Salus, Semper Dissolubilis”.

The translation is “Uncertain Condition, Illusory Health, Always Dissoluble”.

The subject of the sentence is “Fate”. The monks who wrote this song wanted to tell us: “Fortune by pure whim can take everything away from us. Even the health we strive to have, which is just an illusion “.

Et voila, friends, obsession obsession obsession!

If you are reading this article, it means that you already belong to people who care about their health or that at least are thinking of changing their lives to adopt a healthier one.


Healthy people don’t think about health. Sick people do. If you are obsessed, it means that you perceive that something is wrong.

Here’s what saved me: Self-care.

What is a holistic approach? It is considering the body as a whole.

We shouldn’t even talk about the body but about the body/mind, where emotions, intentions, desires, and more are included in the mind.

Desires are one of the foundations of life. The power of desire is everything. It is life.

And those who have a strong desire to build know this well. It is like a conception, with its troubles and joys. It is the same energy, more refined.

Do not desire health, that will be a consequence, desire harmony. He wants to take care of you. Day after day, like a farmer, who every day goes to water the land and work it, but the fruit arrives in a whole year!

Mineral Balancing is a sui generis science, among the various holistic approaches it is the one that I found most complete, scientific but also sufficiently open to adapt to each case and individual.

As you know, I am a proponent of four interventions: meditation, hypnosis (or rather self-hypnosis), therapy (especially catharsis), and body care.

Today we talk about the fourth and last. Let’s talk about mineral balancing. Remember, however, that it is by no means a science-focused only on the body, on the contrary, it gives ample space to the rest. But for reasons of the method, it is better to tackle one problem at a time.

I just want to make a little note because I think it is very important: one of the bases, believe it or not, to really find health is to “find” the reasons to stay in this world, to choose life over death.

Yes friends… I am telling you exactly that you have to create wishes that are meaningful to you and filled with joy. Joy and meaning are the same things, whoever tells you the opposite is just pouring out moral codes, external moral codes, but this is another story.

Create dreams within yourself and then fight to make them come true! We are human beings. We are animals but also divinities. And the gods create, the gods have visions. We are by nature visionaries.

Create a vision because if you continue to live as most people live (with an office job working to contribute to a huge system, the modern state, which is destroying the world), underneath your only desire will be to die.

Our body is not a machine as the “scientists” who rule the ranks of the world want us to believe, our body is an intelligent mechanism. If our spirit does not have a vision, a reason to live, a reason to build, then your body will interpret this sign as a message: “it’s time to leave this life!”; and it will start by making you sick.


Mineral balancing is therefore the science of rebalancing the mineral reserves within the body. This science was invented by the pioneer, Dr. Paul Eck, who was a chemist and spent much of his life studying the pathologies of the human body.

Dr. Eck noted how disease is formed in the body based on several mechanisms.

These mechanisms are not (or are not always) the immediate causes of pathologies but the underlying causes, the primary causes:

– A deficiency of vital minerals in the tissues of the body.

– Accumulations of heavy metals and toxins in the body.

– Poor or very poor oxygenation and blood circulation of tissues and organs.

Poor hydration of tissues and organs.

– More or less high levels of oxidation.

– Others.

The emphasis of the science of mineral balancing is not to search, through diagnosis, for the symptoms of some disease, but on the contrary, it is to create health in the first place.

The focus is therefore on health, not disease.

You will say … but if we do not have diseases, we are not healthy? Yes and no.

Certainly, if you do not have chronic disorders, especially at a certain age it is a good sign (and mind you for chronic disorders I do not mean necessarily “recognized” ones, but I also mean things like constipation, diarrhea, gastroesophageal reflux, or difficulty in digestion, sleep, anxiety, etc.), but you are not necessarily healthy!


Dr. Alexis Carrel in his book “Man, The Uknown“, distinguishes two types of health:

  1. A) Artificial health, characterized by the mere absence of symptoms. In this state we can have low energy levels, we need continuous medical tests and often take medicines for life at least from a certain age onwards.
  2. B) Natural health. Natural health, as Dr. L. Wilson says in his book “Nutritional Balancing Science“, can be considered as a state of high resistance to diseases.

I describe it in my words:

it is a state in which you feel energetic and in certain moments, and when the energy goes down, as is natural, you feel relaxed and grateful.

You are not afraid of germs, you are not afraid of seasonal influences, we do not think about drugs, because we are committed to living, rejoicing, enjoying, and building.

Sometimes a person with strong natural health can react with very strong symptoms when exposed to viruses or bacteria or something else. If the immune system works well, in fact, these are its “effects”: Acute inflammation, acute diarrhea, vomiting, headache, sore throat, and so on.

If the immune system is weak, do you know what happens? It happens that your body does not fight germs, but “sequester ” them. Try to contain them, to “put a fence” around the wild beasts so that they don’t destroy the whole farm.

But wild beasts are many (viruses and bacteria are all around us, and that’s good!) And your body is limited. How many fences will he be able to build?

At some point he will no longer have the resources to keep the shack going, he will try to spend his time not being eaten by the invaders.

Chronic infections, chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, terminal illnesses, and finally… Sister Death!

Here is the result!

Having no symptoms does not mean being healthy and vice versa having them does not mean being deranged!


The science of mineral balancing, therefore, does not seek to “fight disease”, but to “create health”.

Overcoming morbid states, sometimes systemic or in any case chronic, is often a consequence. The primary focus is to restore a chemical balance (with emphasis on minerals of course) within the body.

In this way it aims to achieve a series of objectives (the following are just some of them):

  1. A) Reduce the body’s oxidation levels as much as possible.

Oxidative stress is that particular condition whereby, partly due to natural aging but nowadays largely due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, the body’s enzymatic processes decrease in quantity and strength, and sometimes they stop.

  1. B) Restore an adequate level of oxygenation and blood circulation in organs and tissues.
  2. C) Restore an adequate level of hydration in the body.
  3. D) Eliminate as much as possible all the toxins present in the body, be they artificial (pesticides, acaricides, etc …), be they natural (fungi, fungi, bacteria, etc …).
  4. E) Eliminate heavy metals present in the body.

Although this type of intervention can be included within the previous one, it is good to make it a point in itself. Toxic metals are particularly harmful to the body and their elimination is often very long and difficult.

The methods of elimination (not used in Mineral Balancing) usually involve chelation (i.e., the ingestion of a certain type of metal, which has previously been subjected to a chemical process called “chelation”), the use of activated carbon or bentonite clay. All these methods, however, have some side effects and above all do not tend to help the body eliminate all those layers of “deep” heavy metals.

In fact, heavy metals tend to accumulate throughout the body and tend to stratify on top of each other. By “deep” layers we mean those layers that are “buried” under other layers (the body creates cysts around this type of toxins).

  1. F) Restore the optimal level of nutrients naturally present in the body (alkaline reserves).

These include minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, trace elements, and others.

  1. G) Helping the body to increase its elimination capacity.

Not only are the intestines and liver not functioning as well today as they used to be due to the countless toxins in the body AND the lack of the nutrients needed to make them work, but the levels of toxins in the environment are much higher (toxic metals and toxic chemicals are up to 1000 times higher than in previous centuries as shown by Henry Schroeding, among others) and therefore, in theory, the liver and intestines should work harder!


What makes the science of Mineral Balancing very interesting compared to other holistic therapies, in my opinion, is its scientific approach.

The above principles are not implemented indiscriminately to all “clients”.

But similarly, to the modus operandi of modern medicine, we proceed “by examinations”.

The difference is that the latter is not aimed at seeking a diagnosis of some pathological state, but at “taking a general picture” of the organism.

In this way, it is possible to proceed in a personalized way and design the most useful approach for the individual case.

The main screening tool is the so-called “Mineralogram” of the hair. It is an analysis of the levels of minerals present in the hair. With this examination, you can see both how many and which “beneficial” minerals are present (or absent) in the body, and which and how many toxic minerals are present!

The analyzes must be done every 3 to 4 months.

The emphasis is on the hair. Why?

Modern medicine in fact uses blood tests.

Of course, when a blood test shows a low level of a certain mineral, you can be sure that the mineral is almost no longer in the body. But, even if they may not manifest themselves on a clinical level, this does not mean that there cannot be serious deficiencies in the tissues when the blood tests indicate nothing!

Dr. Paul Eck used to say, “The blood is kept at the expense of the tissues“. By this, he meant that our body considers blood too important to cause imbalances within it. Our body will “sequester” the necessary minerals from the tissues in order to maintain acceptable levels of them in the blood.

Therefore the “mineral tests” (pass me the colloquial term) of the blood are not at all indicators of a state of well-being but simply of a state of lack of disease CLINICALLY EVIDENT.

On the contrary, we can understand the general state of the organism much earlier and in a much more comprehensive way if we analyze “waste” tissues, such as hair.

Not only will the body tend to eliminate heavy metals through these waste tissues where it cannot do so with feces and urine, but it will tend to “sequester” the beneficial minerals starting from them!

From this photograph, the science of Mineral Balancing moves in the direction of rebalancing these metals present/absent in the body.

The results are astounding: many people report that they will soon find higher energy levels, sleep better, digest better. And this in the short term.

In the long term, the results are quite different: Resolution of systemic or chronic inflammatory states, resolution of autoimmune diseases, resolution of chronic infections resistant to antibiotics, and more.

What are the means used to achieve these results (which we will talk more about in the future)?

The means are manifold. For today, that our focus is on the body, we list these:

1) Daily coffee enemas.

We talk about data in general, keeping out mere data called “personal stories”. Coffee enemas have been used since the 1800s to help the sick even in the Napoleonic Wars (yes, we’re talking about war doctors).

Nowadays there are private clinics, some of which have been open for almost 100 YEARS, which regularly use coffee enemas to treat the seriously ill.

There have been documented cases of adverse effects to the coffee enema, but there are less than a dozen in the WHOLE history of mankind and are always referred to as an overuse of the enemas.

2) Infrared lamps.

There is less clinical data on these, but there is some scientific data, in the sense mentioned above.

Scientific research on topics/therapies/others that cannot be patented and on which it is not possible to profit are very few and timid, but there are!

3) Diet rich in nutrients and suitable for one’s “oxidative type”.

This concept is difficult to summarize and should be made a separate article, which we will do.

But for now, we can say that the “oxidative type” of metabolism is the rate at which your metabolism tends to oxidize. In general, if your metabolism tends to oxidize quickly you are a “fast oxidizer“. In this case, carbohydrates tend to be deleterious. In fact, sugars tend to burn faster, causing greater oxidative stress.

On the contrary, if you are a “slow oxidizer“, the fats will have to be reduced. The metabolism of slow oxidizers is such that fat tends not to be digested or used properly. It should therefore be reduced.

Then there are “mixed oxidizers“.

All these types of metabolism can be identified by looking at some ratios of minerals present in the hair.

In the future, we will talk about it better.

As for the diet in general, let us remember, it is one of the main tools of the science of Mineral Balancing. Dr. Eck said that diet is the science of “human energy” meaning “the science of increasing enzymatic activities and their strength in the body“.

The diet is full of vegetables. Mainly we recommend the consumption of cooked vegetables, with a pressure cooker or steam, but in such a way that they are not overcooked (overcooked food completely loses its naturally present enzymes. Enzymes we all need nowadays. In addition, many nutrients are denatured).

There are also vegetable juices (not centrifuged, but cold extracted juices), and in particular, the consumption of about 150/200 ml of carrot juice is recommended due to its easily assimilable calcium content.

Another staple is animal proteins.

Fish that are caught and not farmed such as sardines, salmon, etc., and possibly organic meats, such as wings and legs of chicken, lamb, and beef raised organically and with a feed consisting of grass (in Italy there is no such type of food).

If you are a slow oxidizer you need to increase carbohydrates: tubers, whole grains, and even some fruit (especially if you are very physically active). On the contrary, fast oxidizers will have to increase healthy fats: eggs, fatty dairy products, olive oil, organic grass-fed cow butter (unavailable in Italy), etc.

The diet is very adaptable to lifestyles and if, for example, you are an athlete, the quantities must be adapted proportionally.

Portions are important.

If vegetables are to fill two-thirds of the plate, animal protein is best taken at 100/150 grams at a time (grams of food, not the protein of course).

The remaining foods must be added in proportion to your needs.

GMOs like the plague must be avoided, even though there is no “scientific research” that proves that they do actual damage (but not even scientific research that proves the contrary, I add).

4) Specific food supplements for each individual case.

Some supplements are generally recommended, such as Magnesium (usually in a formulation that also contains calcium and boron), digestive enzymes (the best combination is one containing pancreatin and ox bile), kelp (an alga rich in easily assimilable iodine), and a quality multivitamin.

However, many must be specifically selected and indicated by the operator to whom we rely on and are always weighed based on what results from the analysis of the hair.

For those living in America or the UK, Endomet Labs products, which is the supplement company linked to Analytical Labs, the laboratories founded by Dr. Eck last century, are HIGHLY recommended.

This is because the sources from which these supplements are synthesized are controlled and are strictly non-toxic.

As Dr. Kneale, the founder of Global Nutritional Healing says, “Did you know that vitamin C can sometimes cause allergic reactions?“. Well yes, friends! Vitamin C, as we know, has been studied by Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize for Chemistry (and for Peace), but supplements can come from two types of sources: Natural (spinach, blueberries, etc.), or synthetic.

Very often our body reacts very badly when it encounters foods of synthetic origin. If in the future will be proven (given the current situation in the very distant future) it would not surprise me at all if many cases of cancer and autoimmune diseases will be proven to come from the exposure and accumulation of toxins in food and other sources.

Here we list other types of interventions used in the science of Mineral Balancing:

– Daily meditation.

– Daily physical exercise.

– Reflexology

– Acupuncture (if you can afford it)

– Ozone therapy (obviously not compulsory)


In general (but I repeat it is worth talking about separately) there is a great work on the mind.

It is a fact (and I say scientific in the official sense of the term) that stress plays a huge role in the general well-being of the individual (we are talking about physical well-being, or rather psychophysical, as it would be more correct to say).

There is also timid research showing how the mind greatly influences the ability to heal. They are few but there are.

The emphasis is on forgiveness. Anger, especially if chronic or repressed, hatred, resentment is not good for the body.

By “forgiveness” we do not mean “to become prey” of one’s neighbor. Quite the contrary. By forgiveness, we mean “understanding life and understanding that the things that others do (single people, categories of people hated or even the whole world) are dictated by a series of conditions that are not simple, exactly as happens to yourself”. It means living in peace and fighting if you have to fight, but not carrying the grudge of the fight within yourself! If you have to fight, fight totally and back home celebrate instead of staying in the attitude of war!

My advice is to use an “oriental” approach. Don’t start by forgiving your neighbor, start by forgiving yourself!

We need it very much. You do not have all these faults that you think you have; we are moved by unconscious forces much deeper than you think! We have a mind worthy of a supercomputer, but we are bad computer scientists!

Closely related to resentment is victimhood. Indeed, in my opinion, they are the same thing.

It’s always the same mechanism: “It’s not my fault… it’s the others! It’s the world! What can I do about it? “.

I repeat we will talk about it, so stay tuned!


I want to conclude this article by talking about my experience with the science of Mineral Balancing.

Since I was a child, I have been in poor health. Very delicate. I got sick every two weeks … of course, when a person gets sick so often it doesn’t necessarily mean that his body is weak … indeed it may be that he has rapid and violent “detox” reactions (which the science of mineral balancing calls more precisely “deep healing“) aimed at eliminating pathogens in such a way that they do not settle inside the organism itself.

But in any case, I was taking so many, many antibiotics.

In the eighties and nineties, they were not thought to have all these side effects, and every time I had a fever from 38° Celsius upwards, with a little sore throat (which happened very often in my case) I was served with antibiotics.

In any case, I was frail. Up to a certain age, 19 and up, I had really narrow shoulders and shrunken muscles. They told me I looked like Andreotti (ITALIAN IMPORTANT POLITICIAN), even if the deceased politician at least had an impressive size, but I was also thin.

I was having serious coordination difficulties. I couldn’t touch my toes, on the contrary … I could barely touch my knees.

I couldn’t play football or basketball.

Often, I was unable to follow conversations because my mind abstracted, ran too fast, and closed myself in my world.

This has led me to abuse drugs in the past. Really a lifetime ago now.

In my opinion, all these symptoms pointed towards a non-diagnostic Asperger’s syndrome (there would be other cases among close relatives).

In any case, I started my Mineral Balancing journey and my first hair analysis showed high values ​​of Aluminum in the body (in addition to Nickel).

Again… no scientific correlation has been shown but it has been observed that autistic individuals are often found with large amounts of aluminum, which is a neurotoxin in the body.

After only a year of nutritional balancing (and daily meditation, and gym and various readings) I began to be able to concentrate, to be able to move the body in a coordinated way (I’m not Juri Chechi but I’m not complaining); no more mental confusion, no more depression, no more substance use but above all … now I’m beautiful as an Adonis and a great Latin Lover!

After this free boast I expect comments from girls galore … but know that I am very selective!

I will deepen my story at another juncture but in the meantime, I want to end with a sentence from Buddha … why? Because the skeptics who read me will have already taken me for a scamming wizard; those with an open mind will appreciate what, in my opinion, is a very very scientific quote:

“Truth is what works!”

Thank you all for having the patience to read so far and peace to all of you.

May your life be filled with radiant joy!

Eduardo Verre, Mineral Balancing Practitioner in training

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