Tom Slone, Faith Based Counselor and Author

Tom Slone, Faith Based Counselor and Author

Tom has over 39 years’ experience of counseling, teaching and training.  He specializes in troubleshooting emotions, thoughts, habits, and past and present relationship problems.

Tom graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute, and served as the lead Counselor for the school in the 1980’s.  He is also a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer.

Contact Information:

Tom Slone

509-491-3377 Office

509-440-0222 Cell

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Maria Jansson

I am Maria, a mom of three wonderful children, a counselor/life coach and sound healer with a unique blend of gifts. I am on the mineral-balancing program (as are my daughter and husband) as well, which has helped me immensely to regain my health when nothing else seemed to work. I know what you are going through in your family maybe and personally, and how emotional issues may come up or be amplified during this process. Everything is connected and it is helpful and deeply rewarding to look at all levels, including the emotional and energetic ones and feel what is there to be healed and integrated. It will bring you to a whole other level of Wellbeing.

I would love to guide you on your journey to find who you already are, heal your heart, so you can live the life you deeply desire. Often the inner voices and feelings keeping us from living our heart’s desires are a result of conditionings and situations from the past. Parts of you maybe wounded and cut off. Bringing these parts home by connecting to them, loving them unconditionally and integrating them, will make you shine so much more because you gained more of yourself. Each time I am so humbled to be a guide through this very sacred process. My healing presence and deep connection to Source will help to ignite your discovery of your true self and who you already are. I look forward to be there with you.

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