FAQ about Coffee Enemas

By Dr. Kneale © July 2018

 Quote from Cancer doctor and researcher, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez:

I’ve been using them for 14 years with only one effect: I felt better from the first one I did. I’ve never looked back and I feel great when I do them. 

All the terrible things that are supposed to happen don’t happen. 

Coffee enemas don’t destroy bowel function or wipe out your intestinal flora, but what they do is help the liver work better.

They are extremely powerful, one of the most powerful detox procedures that we use. My whole staff does them. They just feel better when they do.


Can I get addicted to coffee enemas? I am not sure where this came from but no, they are not addictive. You can start and stop them anytime. This is the best place to put coffee!

I am scared that I am going to mess this up. Any advice? Many clients have felt the same way you have. I did not start the enemas for 1 year because of some fears I had. I have done every mistake there is such as getting coffee all over the floor,  coffee pouring out the tubing because I forgot to clamp it or the tubing was not on well, the coffee not going in because I did not have the tubing in, forgetting to get the air out of the tubing, not making it to the toilet in time to release (embarrassing but true) etc…  After a few times of doing the procedure it gets easier to do.

Should I continue holding the enema if I feel I need to release it? No, you should release the enema when your body is ready. Do not force holding a coffee enema.

I felt shaky after my first coffee enema. Am I doing something wrong? Usually, the shakiness is due to too much coffee in the enema. Try using less next time.

I see worms and other parasites when I release the enema. Should I be concerned? No, this is quite normal but can be alarming. The good news is that the parasites are leaving your body.

I can only hold the enema 5 minutes or less. Is it even worth it? Yes, it is worth it. All of the body’s blood passes through the liver every 3 minutes. Think of it as a form of liver dialysis. If you held the enema for 6 minutes the blood has passed through the liver 2 times! Even with less time, you are still detoxifying your liver.

Can coffee enemas hurt your kidneys? No, it can only help the kidneys. By helping the liver detoxify it can take the burden off of other eliminating organs (kidneys, skin, lungs, others).

I am super sensitive to coffee (caffeine); would you recommend the enema? Yes, but start with very little coffee, even a pinch. Coffee rectally is not like drinking coffee. Drinking coffee has to go through the whole body whereas coffee rectally goes to the portal vein.

Can I do some other type of enema rather than adding coffee? At this time we do not recommend any other type of enema. If you wanted to do a quick water enema to get out gas or have a bowel movement before doing the coffee enema, that is ok.

Can taking herbs replace doing a coffee enema? No, I have not found them to be as powerful as the coffee enemas.

I did an enema and felt nauseated. What do you suggest? Back to back enemas. What is a back to back enema? Start your first enema with 1/2 of the coffee solution (example: 1 cup of the coffee solution). Hold for up to 15 minutes and then release it. Immediately do the second enema (1 cup of the coffee solution). Hold for up to 15 minutes and then release it. We have found that this procedure can help to get rid of any toxins that need to be released that the first enema may not have completely cleaned out.

How long should I do a coffee enema? Hold the coffee enema no more than 15 minutes. You can do up to 2 a day. Some clients do them on the weekends, some everyday, others not at all. I have had clients do them for  few years or more. It is really very individual. This should be something you review with your practitioner.

Are colonics the same as coffee enemas? No, colonics help to clean out the whole colon. The coffee enemas help a major detoxification organ, the liver.  The are very different.

Should I avoid coffee enemas if I have diarrhea? No, diarrhea can be a precursor to constipation. We have also found that the coffee enema can help diarrhea clear up depending on what is going on.

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