Healthy Children for our Future

Healthy Children for our Future

By Joy Feldman, NC, JD

We all know that it “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Yet, we seem to have lost our way in feeding children nutrient rich food. Ninety percent of the food we purchase today is chemically prepared and processed, devoid of rich minerals and vitamins.  Given that our young people have tremendous internal demands on their bodies for growth and development, what we feed them is of paramount importance.  Remember, there are major developments occurring in children as they are building a system and laying down structures to create a hundred trillion cell construction project, that not only boasts a most impressive design, but also exhibits unsurpassed resiliency and healing capacities. To keep this finely tuned machine in tip top shape, we need to honor and respect it, and most importantly, we need to recognize that we derive our energy from the foods we consume.


Wayne Gretzky, the all-time leading scorer for the NHL, wisely noted, “that you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Children’s health and the ability to contribute to our society, is predicated on their well-being.  Let’s give it our best shot in this New Year.


So what can you do in 2017 for your young people?

  1. Feed your family more nutrient rich proteins, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  2. Make a small garden and teach your children where healthy food comes from.
  3. Get them involved in the kitchen with you.
  4. Be an excellent role model.
  5. Join forces with friends and take turns weekly cooking a healthy


In this New Year, let’s join together, and create an atmosphere of support where we can overcome health barriers and create wonderful new successes.


Joy Feldman is a writer, author and lecturer. She is the author of Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health and Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? Learn more at or

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