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Moses Nutrition
815 W. Kenneth Rd.
Glendale, CA

Nikki Moses and Kristina Moses are highly-experienced health practitioners who specialize in hair mineral analysis to rebuild health for even the most difficult cases. As sisters who both grew up with personal health problems, we spent years researching and experimenting to find solutions to our own complex cases. Once discovering hair analysis and finding that it was the ONLY technology that helped us to get well, we trained closely for years under the top hair analysis doctor in the world, who took us under his wing and mentored us closely for over 7 years. We are both certified in Biochemical Nutritional Balancing Science from Westbrook University, and have worked with over a thousand clients helping them to restore their health with this amazing science.

Known as preeminent practitioners in this field, we are sought out not only by clients for their own health but also by other fellow practitioners to teach them this revolutionary technology. As a full-service nutrition practice, we work with clients from all over the United States and Canada.

We also have training in multiple nutritional disciplines that we use to assist our clients’ progress. We believe in empowering our clients to understand exactly what is happening and what to do to get well. Having been through our own numerous and difficult symptoms, both physical and mental, we understand closely what it is like to experience non-optimum health, and we work to provide the best care to all of our clients through any difficulties they have. Our combined experience brings a lot of confidence and support to our clients, and we are eager to do the same for you! Please feel free to call us, and we will happily discuss your case with a free intro call.
Cottonwood, CA

2 months after having my daughter, Ava, I heard the words I thought I would never hear, "Get your affairs in order, you have about 3 months."

Fear set in as I thought I would not be able to raise my daughter.

It has been over 13 years now since I heard those terrifying words; my life is the life I always wanted to live. To help my husband raise our daughter, to play, laugh, sing, and share my talents.

Health can be restored at any age.

You can live the life you want without poor health dictating it.

My background: Doctorates in Naturopathy, PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science specializing in Holistic Life Coaching

My old life (prior to getting well with nutritional healing) I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Pam Killeen
London, Ontario, Canada
N6K 1V6
Mineral Balancing Practitioner and Buteyko Breathing Coach

As someone who used to struggle with debilitating chronic fatigue, brain fog, fibromyalgia, insomnia, I wish I had discovered mineral balancing many years ago. During the decades I was unwell, I used a hit-and-miss approach to try to get well. All to no avail.

Eventually, through mineral balancing, I learned that I could get to the root cause of my health problems by using specific, targeted supplements. Not only was I fortunate enough to finally hear about this program, for the last ten years, I've also been fortunate enough to use this system to successfully help others who struggle with similar persistent health problems.

I remember the days when I could barely get out of bed. It was a chore to engage in activities such as tennis or socializing with my friends. With restored energy, now each day is a celebration. These days, in my spare time, I actually love playing tennis and spending time with my friends!

To help enhance your mineral balancing program, I'm also a certified Buteyko Breathing practitioner. While I teach this breathing method to my own clients, if you're working with another mineral balancing practitioner, I have designed a specific Buteyko Breathing protocol that complements this program. Because of the intensity of the detox you'll be going through during your mineral balancing program, I have adjusted the Buteyko Breathing protocol accordingly. For more details about my Buteyko Breathing coaching sessions, please visit my website or contact me through my email. [In September 2019, my website is still up but under construction and will be updated very soon.]

As I often tell my clients, you have to be as tough as nails to do mineral balancing. But, in the long run, all of your hard work will be rewarded … with optimal health!
Infinite Inergy LLC
HEAD to SOUL ~ DETOX Program was developed as a result having had extreme mold exposure, contracting debilitating Lyme's disease four times in six years, being hypersensitive to EMFs and all along working with only one kidney and one adrenal gland, I know what it's like to be on the edge of life. I've had to learn how to heal myself. Being in the natural health field for many years and having the attitude that there is purposeful good in everything, I knew this was all happening so I could learn more effectively how to help others. I'm very grateful for what I've learned, and my passion for knowledge and education will never cease. It's my greatest joy to share and help others to gain and maintain their health, and to find peace in mind body and spirit.

Nancy is a Holistic Nutritionist, researcher in the field of alternative therapies, and an intuitive empathic Bioenergetic Practitioner; has a Nutrition degree from Trinity College of Natural Health, and is a Licensed Theocentric Practitioner and Associate of Chiropathy. She studied hair mineral balancing, bioenergetic kinesiology, energy medicine, laser detox, neuroscience and nutrition as well as mediumship and controlled remote view.

Nancy’s work is accomplished remotely through distant bio-energy sessions, addressing 'specific-to-you' mineral imbalances, emotional blocks and traumas, energy disturbances, nutrition & detoxification, and self help guides and tools that bring balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The profoundly deep and comprehensive attention she offers allows her to work with only a small number of people at a time, and mainly those who have been personally referred from clients, colleagues and Global Nutritional Healing.

Infinite Inergy LLC
Mineral Tailoring
Vista, CA

My name is Michaela and I am a Certified Mineral Balancing Practitioner who after 20 years of experience in being very ill, was able to heal myself using Mineral Balancing science. In the 20 years of being sick, my sole mission was to get myself back, I could see nothing else, many of the dreams and aspirations that I had had before I became ill were put on hold in my quest back to the person I had once been. During that time, I had spent well over 20,000 hours of my own personal time researching health, the latest treatments and studies and how the body works on many levels. I had seen well over a hundred different health practitioners and the practitioners and treatments ran the spectrum. I consulted with traditional general medical practitioners, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, neurologists, immunologists, chiropractors, I did neural therapy, detoxification, antimicrobial treatments, gut repair, specified diets, rolfing, massage, and much more. Every practitioner was an opportunity for me to glean off any information that I could get from them in regards to health, healing and the functions of the body and I look at all of them as professors of a sort that led me in many ways inadvertently to Mineral Balancing, by both a process of elimination as well as some inclusion. In spite of seeing a vast array of practitioners and trying any treatment they threw at me, I saw none to very minimal improvement and any small gain in my health never seemed to stick around for long.

During my illness, I made two promises to myself and the universe; one, I would try and do the things that I have always wanted to do in spite of being sick and two, if and when I ever found the solution to my symptoms and illness, I would learn, teach and practice that healing modality. I was prepared to do whatever it took in order to help others that are also suffering and without answers. I swore that I would pass on this valuable information if I found it, and I did, and so here I am helping others through Mineral Balancing.

I am passionate about helping others find their road back to health and happiness, and I am a tenacious researcher and reader, not knowing something has never sat well with me.

Other than helping people obtain their health goals I am a mom of four that loves to cook, build and Garden. I have always been interested in the medical sciences, I have B.A. in International studies and a Minor in Biology, I worked for a medical institute for a number of years organizing it's conferences and editing it's educational material for other practitioners. I was also a medical interpreter during and after college where I worked both within the hospitals and medical clinics. I love to travel and I lived in France for 10 years and worked part time as a translator.
Gina Willis
Seal Beach

Hi, I’m Gina, I am a trained Nutritional Counselor in Global Nutritional Healing. My passion is simple: I want you to feel good in your body and love the life you are leading. Global Nutritional Healing is an individualized science; where through hair mineral analysis we obtain a blueprint of your biochemistry; your lab results lead us to a personalized wellness plan that will bring you back into balance to enjoy the vitality you have been missing. The vitality we should have throughout our lives.
Leslie Brown, NC

It took 40 years to get diagnosed with Lyme. At 17, my throat was white with strep, rashes covered my body, I couldn’t stay awake. No one knew why.

In my 30s a top clinic in the country said I was stressed, should get a boyfriend, then get down on my knees and thank God for good health. By my 40s I was taking 90 doses of medications daily, with a diagnosis of Lyme disease. Spring of 2014 I could feel in my bones that I’d be dead by Christmas.

Thankfully, I was introduced to a way out of Lyme. The journey could have shorter had I known then what I know now. There is a direct connection between nutrient minerals and the body’s ability to eliminate autoimmune issues and all else that goes along with having Lyme.

I know what it’s like wondering why others are able to move forward in life while feeling captive to:

Brain fog
Random muscle, joint, and general pain
Floaters in my eyes
No energy to get out of bed
Recurring Pneumonia
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Epstein-Barr virus (mononucleosis)
Depression and anxiety
Heart palpations

While friends and family insist, “You don’t look sick,” with the look that says, somehow this is all your fault. I figured all of this was in the normal course of life, that everybody dealt with these ongoing conditions.

One psychiatrist insisted “It’s all in your head.”

Turns out she was right. Not in the way she was implying.

I know what you’re thinking…

“What’s wrong with me… will I ever be free of these symptoms… is there really no hope for me?”

I have found there is hope. What’s needed is energy, the right kind of energy needed to heal.

Today, I no longer suffer with the dozens of symptoms associated with Lyme. I did it without chelation therapy, drugs and infusions.

This process is excellent for Lyme suffers from the age of 6 months and older, even if you are on medication.

I have been compelled to carry this message of hope for health to people around the world since 2014.

On a personal note, I’m loving living! Cooking, Reading, Racewalking, and gardening. So, let’s get to it…

Open a dialog with me – Reserve your 20-minute Discovery Call here with your email to

Call/Text (816)885-0098 M-F 9:00 am to 4:00 pm CST
Denny’s  Hair Analysis
Five years ago, I had my first encounter with Nutritional Balancing Program. After , a long period of constant fatigue, visits to the doctor and follow-up examinations , I discovered that my health problems were the result of Adrenal Fatigue.

I immediately, began to learn more about it by conducting a series of online searches. As result of the experience of some other people with the same symptoms, I learned that there was a new method called Hair Mineral Analysis Test that explains the causes of many health symptoms and disease, whose underlying causes are largely related to nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances, heavy metals and chemical toxicity.

Hi, I'm Denisa ,
I am trained like a Practitioner in "Nutritional Balancing Science".
This is a new healing science , where are include: nutritional science, naturopathy, western medicine, cybernetics, the stress theory of disease and macrobiotics.

With a great passion in Medicine Field and studies conducted in ‘’Chemistry’s Science ‘’ that is the study of matter and the chemical reactions between substances, pushed me to make further research and find the answers of many questions asked before in conjuction with effect and role of vitamins, minerals , amino acids, antioxidants and close relationship between them.

This course, offered us the opportunity to gain a deep knowledge in conjunction with many aspects of body chemistry such as: Metabolism, immune system, kidney and liver, sugar handling , stage of stress, toxic metals and chemicals, their impact in our body, detoxification, diet and lifestyle and much more.

Through my experience in this field ,I would like to help more people that suffer from different diseases , as result of imbalancing of minerals in our body . My goal is to improve the quality of their life without medicaments and side effects.

"Diploma of "Natural Health Nutrition & Diet "by International Career  Institute

 ‘’Nutrition and Wellbeing’’ by ‘’UNIVERSITY of ABERDEEN’’ This online course explored the scientific basis of human nutrition, and nutrition concepts and controversies. It helped demystify the complex and often conflicting messages about diet and health from sources like the media, food industry and scientific community.
‘’Food as Medicine’’ by ‘’ UNIVERSITY of MONASH ‘’
This online course explored the different types of foods that are essential for health and wellbeing, and how food can play an important role in treating/preventing disease.

‘’Understanding Autism’’ by ‘’UNIVERSITY of KENT’’
This online course explored Autism, the autistic spectrum, social communication skills, strengths and difficulties of people on the autism spectrum.

''Work practice’’ organized by ‘’ The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration’’

‘’Work practice’’ organized by ‘’The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection’’

• Bachelor Degree
With a great passion for nature, creation and especially in Science of Chemistry, I am graduated for ‘’Industrial Chemistry’’ at the Faculty of Natural Sciences - University of Tirana (Albania) in 2005.
Joy Feldman
Tucson, AZ

Joy Feldman, is the President of JHF Nutritional Consulting and Founder of the nonprofit, The Picture of Children’s Health. Feldman also is the author of two books, the award winning Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health and Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? which was animated in 2013 and selected for the Rhode Children’s Film Festival. Over the last 10 years, she organized and planned enormous statewide events where over 175,000 students at more than 200 schools, libraries, youth programs, businesses, non profits and health centers throughout the state of Rhode Island and NY participated in an – An Act of Solidarity for Children's Health. As a result of this initiative, she caught the attention of the Rhode Island General Assembly where she was awarded a Congratulatory Resolution for her outstanding efforts and support in promoting healthy eating and nutrition choices for children during National Nutrition Month.

Joy’s studies took place at the undergraduate and graduate level (public policy and education) at the University of Pennsylvania. To further her training, she then went on to earn a Law Degree at the University of Miami and worked in the area of Corporate Law, focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions, SEC filings and Contract work. With a strong interest in the area of healthcare, she conducted legal research for a top tier medical institution working on health care related issues. Later, she sought a different opportunity in the field of legislation and public policy. In her new role, she worked on writing legislation for a Fortune 500 Health Care Company, overseeing a successful house bill from start to finish, lobbying at the state capital, setting goals with legislators, and authoring legal documentation regarding auxiliary healthcare professionals.

Joy also pursued a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition as well as one-on-one mentoring by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, considered one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and on the science of mineral balancing. Under Dr. Wilson's tutelage, she earned a certificate in Biochemical Nutritional Balancing Science from Westbrook University and also completed Advanced Training in Biochemical Nutritional Balancing Science. Joy has an international based private practice and is an instructor/teacher of Nutritional Balancing Science where she educates new practitioners (e.g. physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists and mid-level providers) on interpretation of hair charts, lends guidance on nutritional protocols, assists in teaching lifestyle changes, and explains how to recommend supplements based on interpretation of each individual's biochemistry.

Joy has appeared on national radio and TV (MSNBC, NBC, ABC6, Fox12, NECN, and RI PBS). And she has also written various articles on children’s health published in national Children’s Magazines. She has also worked a columnist and blogger for Sophisticated Woman Magazine teaching both young and old the importance of healthy eating. Recently, Joy was selected as Woman of the Year for Hadassah International for her work, dedication and leadership.
The Elevate Institute
3525 Jasmine Ave #1
Health Coaching Firm that aligns high-performance professionals with their optimal healing path naturally - no fads, trends or drugs... Ever!

Eva Vennari, known at The Healing Rebel, is on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry. Having spent most of her adult life suffering from all kinds of conditions and fighting for her sanity she decided to take matters into her own hands. That’s when everything shifted and her body went from being the enemy to being her best and most devoted ally and partner. Eva now teaches worldwide how sensitive people can take charge of their wellbeing and thrive in their lives.

The Elevate Institute