Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Depression

I know this sounds cliche, but this program have changed my life and the lives of my husband and daughter. Most amazingly, these dramatic changes occurred without us having to make dramatic changes in our lives. All three of us have medical problems. We have taken medication for these conditions for many years. This course of treatment controlled our conditions, but we never “got better”. Boy have things changed in the last 6 months!

I ran into a practitioner by chance (if you believe in things happening by chance). We started talking about our daughters, I mentioned some concerns I had and she asked if I had ever heard of hair analysis. She gave me some information. The first thing that struck me was that everything sounded SO LOGICAL. We had hair analysis done on all three of us. The results answered questions that had gone unanswered for years. The levels in our bodies were indicative of the symptoms we suffered. I’m not talking about SOME symptoms, I am talking about ALL of the symptoms for three people.

Based on our individual profile, the practitioner  recommended dietary guidelines and supplements. Everyone’s needs are different, because our profile is like a fingerprint. The dietary guidelines did require us to make some changes in the way we ate, however, they were not a diet. Some things were hard to get used to, for example, no sugar, reduced carbs., 5 meals a day, etc., but there was nothing surprising or outrageous-just healthy. It took us awhile to get into the routine of taking supplements, but again, no big deal.

Again, the most impressive thing is that everything logical. You do not eat things that will exacerbate your symptoms. You do not eat things that your body cannot handle. You take supplements to support your body to help it increase or decrease levels in your body to bring it back into balance so it can function the way it is supposed to. Taking the supplements and learning how to use food strategically have allowed me to reduce the amount of medication I took by half. How exciting is that! My anxiety and depression are reduced and so is the medication I take. I don’t take any medication for Fibromyalgia anymore.

After a ski fall in 1991, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Before then, I was involved in many athletic activities. I slowly lost the ability to do all of them. My body was shutdown. My muscles atrophied and the smallest tasks, walking, going up stairs, going shopping became monstrous challenges. The pain, fatigue and “Fibro-Fog” were constant. Less than one month after starting on the program, I started to notice a change. My trigger points pain became less severe. I started to be able to do more without my muscles giving out. I began to think more clearly. I can honestly say that I am free of my Fibro. symptoms.

Initially, the idea of six small meals was daunting because I never had an appetite. Soon after starting to work with Joy, I got this funny feeling in my belly. I was hungry. My body was waking up. The same thing happened with drinking water. I was rarely thirsty, so the idea of drinking a lot of water sounded like a lot of work. Again, soon after I started on the program, I started getting thirsty and craving water. My body was actually asking for what it needed. Gone was the bread, fruit, diet coke and coffee (ok-most of the time). I started eating more healthy balanced meals. I am still working on it-especially in the Veggie department, but it’s a process.

Giving up some unhealthy eating habits wasn’t as hard as you would think, because I feel clean and that feels good. The only way I can describe it is that it is like the feeling you have after you go to the dentist and your teeth feel really clean, so you don’t want to eat right away. That’s how my body feels and I don’t want to mess it up with foods that are bad for me.

I have had a weight problem for 10 years. Nothing I did ever helped; no diet (tried them all), no gimmick, no nothing. I couldn’t exercise because of my Fibro., so I thought I was doomed to be heavy forever. As my body has gotten more into balance and has started functioning better. I am happy to tell you that I have lost 14 pounds in 6 months. I haven’t lost 14 pounds in 10 years!!!

I am thrilled to say that my life is 100% better than it was before I started doing this program. I am riding my horse almost everyday. I can physically do just about whatever I want to do and I feel better emotionally. In addition, I know this is only the beginning of my journey. I know that I’ll keep getting better and better as my body naturally comes into balance. My husband (63 years old) and my daughter (11 years old) have experienced similar changes.

None of this would have been possible without my practitioner. She is an amazing coach. She is always available and supportive. She has never asked us to do anything that made us uncomfortable or tried to force us to do something. What she does is explain why something is happening and make recommendations. She has always come through for us. She checks in on us regularly to see how we are doing. It is so nice to work with someone who cares so much and really wants us to get healthy.

Thank you for everything you have done for us! You are truly a blessing to us.



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Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Dementia Gone

I am happy to say that Mom (DJ) is doing so well that she was able to go to assistant living. As it was reported to you, when we picked her up from the rest home in Pennsylvania she had health issues such as diabetes with insulin intake. Dementia, high blood pressure, a chronic bladder infection, an incontinence issue with urine and bowels. She also suffered with post stroke symptoms. She is doing well on the program. She drinks 3, 10 oz glasses of spring water. She has not reached 3 qts yet. She is on the food plan. And by the way, her weight was 220 lbs and now she weighs 180. And she is taking all her vitamins. As a result diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia are gone. Incontinence with bowels are gone.  She only wears depends for urine. And that  also has subsided. D.J 72 years old, Tacoma Washington

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Lost Weight and Now Normal Thyroid Blood Tests

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) when I was 18 years old.  I was trying to lose weight which turned out to be an impossible task. I went to a personal trainer for 2 years and even weighed my food because I wasn’t seeing much results from running 45 minutes  plus 1 hour heavy weight training daily! I got a hair analysis and started taking supplements and changed what I ate. After a year, my blood test for my thyroid was normal. I have lost weight! My exercise now consists of walking and using light hand weights. S.L. 26 years old,  Northern California

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