Lost Weight and Now Normal Thyroid Blood Tests

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) when I was 18 years old.  I was trying to lose weight which turned out to be an impossible task. I went to a personal trainer for 2 years and even weighed my food because I wasn’t seeing much results from running 45 minutes  plus 1 hour heavy weight training daily! I got a hair analysis and started taking supplements and changed what I ate. After a year, my blood test for my thyroid was normal. I have lost weight! My exercise now consists of walking and using light hand weights. S.L. 26 years old,  Northern California

Quit Drug Addiction After doing Crystal Meth for Years

I am 38 years old, but started drugs probably 20+ years ago. I have done a few rehabilitation programs, but always went back to drugs. It was a constant heart break for myself and my family.  I did a hair analysis and started following some of the program (did supplements, better diet, added drinking water). I also enrolled in a rehabilitation program similar to one I had done before. I have been clean now for 3 years! After I quit drugs, I would smoke a pack of cigarettes daily and drink coffee to help me get through the day. I quit smoking 6 months ago and don’t even miss it. S.Q.  Northern California

Rash Gone, Sinus Infections Gone

I have had arthritis for over 10 years, sinus infections at least 3 times a year, and  a itchy red rash that showed up often now for years and drives me crazy! I thought the rash was due to  food, laundry detergent, soaps, lotions, nothing really seemed to help. I tried everything I could find to get rid of the rash.  I got a hair analysis and started the supplements and ate more of what my body needed. I can now open cans without pain in my fingers.  I have not had a sinus infection since I started 2 years ago. The rash I no longer get.  I still have some arthritic pain but it is improving. Teddy Mobley 65 years old, Pismo Beach, California

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Dementia Gone

I am happy to say that Mom (DJ) is doing so well that she was able to go to assistant living. As it was reported to you, when we picked her up from the rest home in Pennsylvania she had health issues such as diabetes with insulin intake. Dementia, high blood pressure, a chronic bladder infection, an incontinence issue with urine and bowels. She also suffered with post stroke symptoms. She is doing well on the program. She drinks 3, 10 oz glasses of spring water. She has not reached 3 qts yet. She is on the food plan. And by the way, her weight was 220 lbs and now she weighs 180. And she is taking all her vitamins. As a result diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia are gone. Incontinence with bowels are gone.  She only wears depends for urine. And that  also has subsided. D.J 72 years old, Tacoma Washington

Grave’s Disease Disappeared

I have been on the program for 1 year and my diagnosis of Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism) is completely gone! The benign tumors in my left breast and glands have disappeared. I am thinking more clearly and do not feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster anymore. My energy and outlook on life is far better than I could even hope for. I am changing my career to work in law enforcement.  Thank you for everything and for helping me keep my thyroid!  Adam S. 27 years old,  San Francisco,  CA

Can’t Get Out of Bed to Happily Back to Work

I was dealing with a lot of issues that I could not correct for years.  I went through months and years of research and tried all kinds of supplements.  I slowly just kept getting worse and relied on supplements to give my temporary energy boosts… which eventually caused me to, for lack of a better word, burnout.

I hit rock bottom, and even now could not believe how bad I was.  I was unable to work, I could not get out of bed. I could not face the many problems which made things worse. It was a nightmare, but also a powerful experience whose testimony can help others.

I started the program. It has been working for me ever since.  I saw results within 2.5 months.  D.M. 30 yrs, Canada

Energy Came Back, Brain Fog and Anxiety Gone

When I was in my teen years I started having panic attacks. It affected every area if my life and made me very insecure. I stopped driving, could hardly hold down a job and was afraid of everything, even myself. I also had anemia. I could only take iron for a little while then it would affect my stomach. All the insecurities kept me very codependent and in bad and abusive relationships. I think God used all this to bring me to Him. In 1986 I asked Jesus to come into my life. I started praying for God to show me how to get healthy. I tried so many things, vegetarian diets, green drinks, Homeopathic Doctors, who made me very sick using Kinesiology. At my sickest, I could only stand for a few minutes. I searched the Internet and found your articles about Adrenal problems. My husband asked me to go to a medical doctor to have my adrenals tested. I wasn’t one to go to MD’s but went because my husband asked me too. I had the ACTH test. The test came back normal. I think the test just indicated that my adrenals worked but not how well. I sent my hair in and got my results back which indicated weak adrenals and thyroid problems. I started on the road to healing by starting the diet first. I noticed more energy in the first week. When my supplements came I took them faithfully. I just kept thinking every day, what I can do today that will help me to get better. I did coffee enemas 5-6 days a week, built a simple sauna in my bathroom which I used 5 days a week. Every week I felt stronger. After several months my anemia went away. It was due to toxic copper or copper imbalance. My anxiety is gone and I can think clearly. I also had terrible brain fog for many years. I feel like I have my life back and I thank God every day. Now I have 3 boys and my husband on it. I have seen improvements in their health also. R.R 50 years old, Houston TX

Weight Loss

How lucky I am today because of my improved health and nutritional gains. This program helped me survive a difficult time in my life. Not only was I one hundred pounds heavier but my health was so poor that my family wondered if I would survive.

I started a food plan that included a nutritional diet and supplements. At that point, I would have done anything to help myself feel better. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really believe that eating 5 meals a day (small) would allow my body to shed this weight. I kept a journal with the foods I ate and the supplements I needed daily. Within the year I lost the weight although I am still working on losing more. I stopped eating sugar and wheat and watched my body change. It is a difficult road to follow but with all the help and guidance I had from my practitioner I was able to live healthier each day. I do moderate exercise and swim three to four times a week.

It is a struggle to follow a plan for life but certainly worthwhile and much easier today. By the way, I can live without sugar, candy, summer fruits and wheat products. I learned to love peanut butter and all fruit jelly ( not made with sugar) as a treat. The supplements really help give me energy and ease the stress of everyday life. Thank you for giving me the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle!!



 I have been battling Endometriosis for seven years along with anger, extreme fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness just to name a few.

My main problem was the Endometriosis. I had the laparoscopy to diagnose it. I asked my doctor what were the options? They in turn said, “Hysterectomy.” I said, “No.” I did all sorts of research and started reading about diet. I went to two more doctors for opinions, one being a specialist in the field and asked the specialist would changing my diet help to alleviate the extreme pain that I lived with practically every day. I literally ate Extra Strength Tylenol. He said that there is no concrete proof that diet would do anything for me. I asked what he recommended, he said, “Hysterectomy.” He prescribed me birth control. I started the regiment and within two months was back at my doctors with my lower extremities filling with fluid. I in turn went back to living on Tylenol. I asked my doctor after hearing about another pill that was just progesterone and convinced them to give me the script. I had been taking this pill and still felt tired, bloated, mood swings and irritable.  I had no clue what else to do and none of my Doctor’s would even do a hair analysis never mind a vitamin level check nor a hormone test.

I called a practitioner immediately and had the hair analysis done. I received the results and my calcium was off the charts and the “three amigos”(Manganese, Aluminum and Iron) –as well as Mercury, and Copper were greatly present. These three are not your friends. They mimic the good minerals needed in your body and play absolute havoc.

As of today, I am off birth control, off Extra Strength Tylenol and on my way to a much better me. I am not as agitated, irritable and I sleep so much better than I have before. Anything we do in life has to be a habit, but most of all we need to care about ourselves in order to feel better. I was so tired of being tired and in pain that I am glad I found this program.

I had my second hair analysis and I am utilizing calcium and riding my body of the toxic “amigos.” It definitely shows. You don’t even realize how miserable and unclear you are till you start this program. I have clarity and I have definitely become a calmer person. I have had many friends tell me now, where before if they said something I would have been extremely defiant and nasty.




 I started my 11 year old son on the program about 7 months ago because he was diagnosed with ADHD. He has always had difficulty sleeping at night. He would lay awake at night restless and pensive. He would have difficulty staying focused in school.  He has been on the program for about 7 months and he is a different person.  Since I have changed his diet, cut back his sugar intake, carbs and wheat and increased his protein and vegetables, he is calmer more focused and is sleeping much better. My other family members witnessed such a positive change in him that they are all currently on the program. My husband, daughter, mother, father and myself are all benefiting from this program.



Ulcerative Colitis, Insomnia Gone

Prior to beginning this program, I experienced severe headaches once a month, and I would go for days without any sleep. After 12 weeks on this program, I have lost close to 20 pounds, I have not had a headache and now it is the norm for me to get a good night sleep. I also have more energy and I’m much calmer – no more eating from stress. Also, about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis; it was not uncommon for a flare-up to last a month. The one flare-up I had while on this program lasted 3 days. Losing weight, no headaches, getting a good night sleep – works for me!



PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

In 2003 I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormone imbalance affecting as many as 1 in 15 women. This did not come as a complete surprise as two of my family members also have it. My case was also coupled with amenorrhea since I had not menstruated for ten years (from 1999 to 2009) and the condition was making it difficult to get pregnant and caused a strain on our marriage as I was moody and obsessed with becoming pregnant. PCOS was not only causing infertility, mental instability, but also many disadvantageous physical conditions as well.


With PCOS, I started making more androgens (male hormones) causing me to stop ovulating; get acne; gain weight even when being very cautious about food choices; impossible to lose weight even while exercising; grew facial hair on the upper lip; debilitating migraines; excessive anger and rage; and depression as a result of all of the above. I was also becoming insulin resistant; my blood sugar levels were going up and my gynecologist was warning me that I was showing a tendency towards diabetes.


The Gynecologist ran a battery of tests to ensure a proper diagnosis. I filled out questionnaires assessing my past health, symptoms and lack of menstrual cycles. A physical exam assessing body hair; blood pressure (which was high); and body mass index (BMI) were also conducted. Lab tests checked my blood sugar, insulin, and various hormone levels which ruled out thyroid problems. An internal pelvic ultrasound also showed numerous fluid filled sacks on both ovaries.


No treatment options were discussed, the gynecologist stated that I would be unable to conceive on my own and that I should immediately begin metformin (a diabetes medication) to help control insulin and blood sugar levels and reduce androgen levels. He also handed me a pamphlet for electrolysis, which was conveniently offered by his practice and recommended I check the internet for more information.


I was disgusted with the lack of discussion and attention that I was receiving from the Gynecologist who rigidly followed the biomedical approach to medicine and sought alternatives. I met a naturopathic doctor in Connecticut, where we were living, and was a bit skeptical as she was very informal and was constantly looking things up in her medical digest. Nevertheless, she believed in my body’s ability to heal itself and after taking a chaste tree berry tincture I was able to conceive. However, my other symptoms were still persistent and worsening and I desperately needed help.


I was able to conceive on my own, without the help of the herb, and was in denial about my persistent health issues so I thanked my friend graciously, and ignored the information about the program. I was afraid of investing in myself and my main objective, having children, had been obtained. Not until my second major health concern did I think about getting a hair analysis.


About a month after my second cesarean section, I was in excruciating pain and my back kept locking up. I was unable to get up off of our family bed without assistance and once up I didn’t know how I would get through the day taking care of two children, then newborn and 2 years old. I called the gynecologist and general practitioner repeatedly and they brushed the symptoms off as not related to the section and that I was just tired from tandem nursing and caring for our family. I knew that more was going on and consulted a physical therapist. She had just given birth by cesarean herself and also denied the connection. She thought that I just needed some exercise and the program that she created for me helped me to walk and get through the day, but I was still in chronic pain but was also having incontinence and urinary tract infections. After seeing a urologist and undergoing a CT scan and a MRI, it was determined that I have 3 herniated disks, spinal stenosis and a pinched thecal sack which was the cause of the incontinence and urinary infections. The physical therapist was wonderful in agreeing to avoid medication and honored my request to “fix me” through exercise. I was seeing her up to four times a week, which was a time commitment that was almost impossible to maintain and was less than effective when bringing the boys to my appointments with me.


I finally made a commitment to taking care of myself and investing in my health. I got a hair test and started the program. At the first meeting I was extremely impressed with the practitioners professionalism, knowledge base, ability to critically listen and profound desire to really help me. This was an experience like never before. I connected with her immediately and knew that I didn’t want to let myself or her down. I finally found someone who cared about me, and not about selling a product or service and who was skilled and very informed with clients spanning the globe.


I have been on the program for ten months and ALL of the above symptoms associated with PCOS and my back have subsided. The most surprising and personally inspiring was that I actually started ovulating and menstruating on my OWN! I have even purged many toxic elements from my body and am more prepared then I have ever been to have our third child, due in August. Our entire family (my Mom, Dad, husband and two children) are following  the program at our own rate. I am so grateful to have found my practitioner as she has enriched, empowered and enlightened my life.


C.N., Exeter, Rhode Island

Children Chronic Infections Gone

Our family is blessed to have found this program. Our practitioner introduced us to hair tissue analysis and is a holistic healer who has a passion and the patience to change lives. My two sons, Sebastian (3.5 years) and Severance (1.5 years) were constantly getting sick and I don’t mean with just the common cold. As a mom of two and working outside of the home I began to feel tired, but ignored the symptom and just thought I needed to rest more. As a breastfeeding mom, I transferred mononucleosis from myself to my 5 month old and other son as well. The recovery was slow, but we got through it. In 2009, the boys and I ended up getting the norovirus and the swine flu and that was the last straw! We agreed to make a family commitment and begin the program. The boys have been on it for about 5 months. I have increased their protein intake; made diet changes and with the use of fish oil I am able to give the boy’s all of their supplements. There is a huge shift in their health as well as their behavior. They have been illness free for the past 4 months! In addition, they are able to calm themselves and rarely get frustrated; aren’t always on full speed ahead; their under eyes are no longer a purplish black color and have regained their rosy complexion. We have our health and our lives back thanks to your program!


C.F. Exeter, RI

Helped with Chemotherapy and Fatigue

Words cannot describe what a blessing you have been to come into my life. I originally came to you to help nutritionally support my infant daughter as she underwent months of chemotherapy. I was so interested in what you had to say that I participated in the program too. When I met you I was feeling tired, irritable and overall “awful”. I accepted that this was how I was supposed to feel and there was nothing that I could do to change it. I cannot thank you enough for “opening my eyes to how harmful my diet was that I was consuming. You taught me that I didn’t have to feel this way and that through information on good nutrition I can feel healthy again and I do!!

Not only did you help me feel much better but most importantly you helped my daughter. I truly believe that your program helped to strengthen her immune system while she was undergoing chemotherapy. When she started chemotherapy, the health care professionals told us to expect her to be ill from the weakened immune system and that she would probably have to be hospitalized. I am happy to report that she wasn’t sick (not even a cold!) and avoided being hospitalized!!!

Through your teachings, support and encouragement you have made my family a much more educated and healthier unit. I am forever grateful for your help, your program. We cannot thank you enough for changing our lives for the better!!


– Anonymous

Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Depression

I know this sounds cliche, but this program have changed my life and the lives of my husband and daughter. Most amazingly, these dramatic changes occurred without us having to make dramatic changes in our lives. All three of us have medical problems. We have taken medication for these conditions for many years. This course of treatment controlled our conditions, but we never “got better”. Boy have things changed in the last 6 months!

I ran into a practitioner by chance (if you believe in things happening by chance). We started talking about our daughters, I mentioned some concerns I had and she asked if I had ever heard of hair analysis. She gave me some information. The first thing that struck me was that everything sounded SO LOGICAL. We had hair analysis done on all three of us. The results answered questions that had gone unanswered for years. The levels in our bodies were indicative of the symptoms we suffered. I’m not talking about SOME symptoms, I am talking about ALL of the symptoms for three people.

Based on our individual profile, the practitioner  recommended dietary guidelines and supplements. Everyone’s needs are different, because our profile is like a fingerprint. The dietary guidelines did require us to make some changes in the way we ate, however, they were not a diet. Some things were hard to get used to, for example, no sugar, reduced carbs., 5 meals a day, etc., but there was nothing surprising or outrageous-just healthy. It took us awhile to get into the routine of taking supplements, but again, no big deal.

Again, the most impressive thing is that everything logical. You do not eat things that will exacerbate your symptoms. You do not eat things that your body cannot handle. You take supplements to support your body to help it increase or decrease levels in your body to bring it back into balance so it can function the way it is supposed to. Taking the supplements and learning how to use food strategically have allowed me to reduce the amount of medication I took by half. How exciting is that! My anxiety and depression are reduced and so is the medication I take. I don’t take any medication for Fibromyalgia anymore.

After a ski fall in 1991, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Before then, I was involved in many athletic activities. I slowly lost the ability to do all of them. My body was shutdown. My muscles atrophied and the smallest tasks, walking, going up stairs, going shopping became monstrous challenges. The pain, fatigue and “Fibro-Fog” were constant. Less than one month after starting on the program, I started to notice a change. My trigger points pain became less severe. I started to be able to do more without my muscles giving out. I began to think more clearly. I can honestly say that I am free of my Fibro. symptoms.

Initially, the idea of six small meals was daunting because I never had an appetite. Soon after starting to work with Joy, I got this funny feeling in my belly. I was hungry. My body was waking up. The same thing happened with drinking water. I was rarely thirsty, so the idea of drinking a lot of water sounded like a lot of work. Again, soon after I started on the program, I started getting thirsty and craving water. My body was actually asking for what it needed. Gone was the bread, fruit, diet coke and coffee (ok-most of the time). I started eating more healthy balanced meals. I am still working on it-especially in the Veggie department, but it’s a process.

Giving up some unhealthy eating habits wasn’t as hard as you would think, because I feel clean and that feels good. The only way I can describe it is that it is like the feeling you have after you go to the dentist and your teeth feel really clean, so you don’t want to eat right away. That’s how my body feels and I don’t want to mess it up with foods that are bad for me.

I have had a weight problem for 10 years. Nothing I did ever helped; no diet (tried them all), no gimmick, no nothing. I couldn’t exercise because of my Fibro., so I thought I was doomed to be heavy forever. As my body has gotten more into balance and has started functioning better. I am happy to tell you that I have lost 14 pounds in 6 months. I haven’t lost 14 pounds in 10 years!!!

I am thrilled to say that my life is 100% better than it was before I started doing this program. I am riding my horse almost everyday. I can physically do just about whatever I want to do and I feel better emotionally. In addition, I know this is only the beginning of my journey. I know that I’ll keep getting better and better as my body naturally comes into balance. My husband (63 years old) and my daughter (11 years old) have experienced similar changes.

None of this would have been possible without my practitioner. She is an amazing coach. She is always available and supportive. She has never asked us to do anything that made us uncomfortable or tried to force us to do something. What she does is explain why something is happening and make recommendations. She has always come through for us. She checks in on us regularly to see how we are doing. It is so nice to work with someone who cares so much and really wants us to get healthy.

Thank you for everything you have done for us! You are truly a blessing to us.



No Longer Suffer With Symptoms of Lyme

L.B., 66 years old, MO

It took 40 years to get diagnosed with Lyme. At 17, my throat was white with strep, rashes covered my body, I couldn’t stay awake. No one knew why.

In my 30s a top clinic in the country said I was stressed, should get a boyfriend, then get down on my knees and thank God for good health. By my 40s I was taking 90 doses of medications daily, with a diagnosis of Lyme disease. Spring of 2014 I could feel in my bones that I’d be dead by Christmas.

Thankfully, I was introduced to a way out of Lyme. Mineral Balancing!

Symptoms I was dealing with:

  • Brain fog
  • Random muscle, joint, and general pain
  • No energy to get out of bed
  • Floaters in my eyes
  • Recurring Pneumonia
  • Allergies
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Epstein-Barr virus (mononucleosis)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Heart palpitations

Today, I no longer suffer with the dozens of symptoms associated with Lyme. I did it without chelation therapy, drugs and infusions.

On a personal note, I’m loving living! Cooking, Reading, Racewalking, and gardening.

9-year-old with Autism- Major improvements in less than a year!

My son was officially diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, however, we saw signs as early as 3 months old.  He had difficulty sleeping and cried constantly due to terrible gastrointestinal issues which he was prescribed gas drops that proved ineffective.  He was exclusively breast fed and even adjusting my diet changed nothing.  He seemed to develop normally and hit most of his milestones on time but there were noticeable short periods where he would gaze off or seem distracted.  Around the age of 2 he would start looking out the corner of his eyes, spin in circles and have unusual hand movements.  We saw pediatricians, psychiatrists and neurodevelopmental pediatricians who collectively concluded he did not qualify for an autism diagnosis but recommended small doses of valium.  We disagreed with their diagnosis and avoided medication.  It wasn’t until we placed him in pre-kindergarten that he received the autism diagnosis.  There, he was placed in a self-contained classroom where his hand flapping worsened, his focus issues increased, and he had major issues with personal space and self-injurious behaviors.  In addition, he hyper focused on certain objects or topics, incredibly retaining large amounts of information which was both amazing and straining for him.  He was often sick, taking abnormal intervals to recover from ailments then quickly becoming sick again.  We started occupational therapy and applied behavior therapies for 3 hours after school every day.  He made very little progress and the daily struggles persisted.  Activities as simple as tying a shoe or getting dressed were very difficult for him.  Potty training, learning to ride a bike or even properly holding a pencil seemed impossible and were coupled with frustration, anxiety and meltdowns leaving him little room to be happy in his childhood.

Conventional medicine seemed to offer so little to help my son so, when he turned 9, I researched and sought alternative means to help him.  I wish I had done it sooner.  When we met Kelley, we had already begun treating our son naturally with the help of a naturopath to boost his immune system and improve his neurological and gastrointestinal issues.  This was beneficial but he seemed to plateau with his healing as he continued to struggle with daily functions, social situations and focus.  Thoroughly weighing our son’s medical and treatment history, Kelley suggested the hair tissue mineral analysis.  The results were shocking, he was copper toxic along with many other mineral imbalances.  Kelley explained copper toxicity and mineral imbalances would cause many of his symptoms and behaviors.  We started the appropriate supplements and, after a few months, saw small improvements with some healing retracing.  By 7 months, we saw drastic improvements.  His handwriting became clearer and more compact, focus on non-preferred tasks enhanced and situational awareness expanded.  His teachers asked what had changed because his behaviors and coping skills had shown major improvement, he rapidly reached a large swath of his IEP goals, and he even developed a few friendships.  At home, he became more attentive to his chores, completed his homework without supervision and sought involvement in many extracurricular social functions.  Unfortunately, our experience taught us true healing occurs far beyond generic symptom treatment protocols.  We required a skilled, caring practitioner to provide an honest assessment, identification of root causes and specific treatment regimen.  Kelley is not only incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition, mineral balancing and removing toxins and heavy metals but she comes from a place of genuine compassion.  She has a true passion to heal others and it shows in her patience, persistence and understanding.  For anyone with a child who has autism and is open to alternative therapy, please reach out to Kelley.  My son is proof that improvement and healing can happen!!

Samuel (4-year-old) off all antihistamines and cough suppressants

Samuel’s mom contacted Michaela Felgines  in August of 2022. She was desperate to help her son who was 4 years old at the time. Samuel had been getting repeated viral infections that would end up in his lungs and escalate into severe coughing and asthma as well as having chronic ear infections.  He was constantly coughing up green mucus that was also running out of his nose. Samuel had been on antibiotics for most of the previous 6 months. On top of the antibiotics, he was taking corticosteroids and bronchodilators every day for about a year, along with antihistamines, Nexium, and cough suppressants. After 4 months on the program (January 2023) his mom reported that he is off all anti histamines, nexium, cough suppressants and she will give him one puff of his inhaler on average once every 2-3 weeks.  He is still experiencing eczema and some allergies to pollen which were there before his initial test.  Before the mineral balancing program, mom would not take him out of the house much for fear of him getting cold or it being too windy as this would all bring back the coughing and asthma, but now she reports that she is able to take him out normally and when he does catch a virus his symptoms are minimal, and he recovers quickly!

Osteoporosis Gone!

When I was 34 years old, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower lumbar spine and osteopenia in both sides of my hips. I also have a diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism; my doctors believe this is why I have developed osteoporosis. I have at this point had a few DEXA bone scans and have been slowly declining in bone mineral density over the past several years. After my diagnosis of osteoporosis, I decided to try a Mineral Balancing Program. Two years into the program I had another DEXA scan, I no longer have osteoporosis in my lower lumbar spine, I still have osteopenia in both sides of my hips, but to a lesser degree. In the two years of doing the program I gained 14.6% bone mineral density in my lower lumbar spine, 4.8% in my right hip, and 3.5% in my left hip. My doctors were baffled, these scores were better than my first scan six years ago. For the first time I don’t feel helpless to my situation, and I have hope for what the future holds for my health.  Working with Radiant Practical Healing

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