Global Nutritional Healing

Global Nutritional Healing is an advanced healing program integrating knowledge from a variety of different fields of study. A total healing paradigm, it incorporates biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, stress theory, pathology, and psychology, providing our clients with a powerful healing system. Moreover, it offers specific applications of hair tissue mineral analysis, diet, supplementary nutrients, detoxification protocols, and lifestyle changes.

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Global Nutritional Healing programs are unique because we use a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA). With your HTMA results we can recommend a specific diet, supplementary nutrients, detoxification protocols, and lifestyle recommendations to increase your energy.

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Our training teaches you a science-based, complete system that leads to optimal health and wellness.


  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Detoxification
  • Food Guidelines
  • Lifestyle
  • Supplementary Nutrients

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) when I was 18 years old. I was trying to lose weight which turned out to be an impossible task. I went to a personal trainer for 2 years and even weighed my food because I wasn’t seeing much results from running 45 minutes plus 1 hour heavy weight training daily! I got a hair analysis and started taking supplements and changed what I ate. After a year, my blood test for my thyroid was normal. I have lost weight! My exercise now consists of walking and using light hand weights. — S.L. 26 years old, Northern California

This certification has granted me the freedom and flexibility to design my life. I work from wherever I am, making the money I need to support my lifestyle and create the possibility of even more with my own creativity and resources. No more being held back by bosses or corporate structures. I’m my own boss, implementing my own ideas, working in service in the way and with whom I want. It’s made all the difference not only in my health, but it’s allowed me to show up in the world according to my soul’s purpose. That’s brought me a terrific sense of satisfaction. — Eva V.

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