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Who is this training for?

  • Are you interested in getting involved in the field of alternative health?
  • Are you a healthcare professional who wants to transform your practice?
  • Are you passionate about health and healing and want to make a difference in people’s lives?


You and your clients will be forever transformed once you become a Certified Mineral Balancing practitioner.

This certification has granted me the freedom and flexibility to design my life. I work from wherever I am, making the money I need to support my lifestyle and create the possibility of even more with my own creativity and resources. No more being held back by bosses or corporate structures. I’m my own boss, implementing my own ideas, working in service in the way and with whom I want. It’s made all the difference not only in my health, but it’s allowed me to show up in the world according to my soul’s purpose. That’s brought me a terrific sense of satisfaction. Eva V.




What you will Learn





Course Highlights

  • Understand proper hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) testing — a painless and simple lab testing procedure that uses a sample of hair
  • How to properly interpret a HTMA to reveal many aspects of body chemistry such as:
    • metabolism
    • immune function
    • kidney and liver
    • sugar handling
    • stage of stress
    • toxic metals
    • and much more
  • Research behind HTMA
  • Identify HTMA patterns
  • Understand HTMA ratios
  • Understand HTMA mineral levels
  • Learn mineral biochemistry in the body
    • Macrominerals
    • Trace Minerals
  • Identify metal toxicity
    • Lead
    • Mercury
    • Nickel
    • Aluminum
    • Cadmium
    • Arsenic
    • And toxic forms of nutrient minerals such as copper and iron
  • Understand metabolic activity and oxidation rates
  • How stress affects human energy, health and well-being
  • How toxic metals and chemicals affect your health
  • What impact eliminating toxic metals has on the human body
  • What are healing reactions and how to handle them
  • Interpret a retest and why it is so complex
  • How to use key detoxification tools such as coffee enemas and sauna to rapidly speed healing progress
  • What diet works best for an individual based on their metabolic rate (what we call oxidation rate)
  • Learn about lifestyle components that affect health
  • How to use targeted supplemental nutrients based on an HTMA to reshape the body chemistry and move a person gradually and completely towards greater health and vitality
  • Learn how to work in the field of alternative health safely


What to Expect

The course is currently being offered at a SPECIAL rate of only $697.00 (this price does not include the books).


Where to get books:

Books can be purchased at ARL (Analytical Research Labs Inc.) phone 602-995-1580.   Joyful Cooking can be purchased at ARL or on Amazon.  Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis book by Dr. Wilson: Contact or call  (818) 745-9558.


Books required for certificate:

Development Science & Development Programs by Lawrence Wilson, copyright 2019 ($35.00) or Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, copyright 2014 ($35.00)  You do not need both of these books for the training.

Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners by Dr. Lawrence Wilson ($15.00) 

Sauna Therapy for detoxification and healing, by Dr. Lawrence Wilson ($25.00)

The Healthview Newsletter Issues #27-29 by Sam and Loren Biser (it is one booklet $2.00)

 Joyful Cooking by Joy Feldman  (link for Amazon)Joyful Cooking by Joy Feldman ($25.00)

Upon payment, the study guides, exams and answer keys will be sent to your email address. There are 10 tests. The tests include a combination of true/false, multiple choice, short answers and essay questions specially designed to improve your knowledge base in each section.

You will have 6 months to complete all tests.

Completing the exam with a passing grade of 90% will enable you to become a Certified Mineral Balancing Practitioner. Once certified, you will have access to all of the benefits this program has to offer.




  • With your certificate you will be able to open an account with ARL (Analytical Research Labs) to run hair tissue mineral analysis tests on your clients and patients
  • Get an account with Endo-met Laboratories to carry the supplements in your office or have them drop-shipped to your clients directly
  • Work one on one with an advanced coach for 1 year:
    • Reviewing initial hair charts on adults, children and babies
    • Reviewing retest hair charts on adults, children and babies
    • Interpreting initial HTMA
    • Interpreting retest HTMA
    • Reviewing initial hair charts on expecting parents
    • Reviewing animal hair charts (dogs and cats)
    • Learn to design a mineral balancing supplement program
    • Recommend a correct food plan based on HTMA results
    • Understanding detoxification protocols
    • Educate clients on HTMA, food guidelines, lifestyle, and detoxification
    • Empowering you to understand HTMA and Mineral Balancing
  • Access to teaching videos and future training
  • Promoted on Global Nutritional Healing website
  • Featured on GNH social media
  • Access to continued research in HTMA
  • Access to a team that has over 45 years’ experience combined: you are not alone after you obtain your certificate


Ready to get Started?

Are you ready to start your training? Please send an email stating that you are interested in becoming a certified mineral balancing practitioner. We will send you a practitioner agreement form. Once the agreement is signed, we will send you a paypal request for $697.00 to get you started on your training! Once payment is received, the study guides, exams, and answer keys will be sent to your email address.


Phone: Dr. Heather Kneale 530-529-2329


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